Saturday, December 17, 2011

my new infinite!!!

lately, i've been heard a song from kpop from korea....,
that theam was so fantastic...,
i luv all their song..,n at that group..,
i like their leader....

my sung gyu.....

Friday, April 15, 2011

da HATE letter


Read diz HATE LETTER. Diz letter was wrote by da boy to his gurl because the gurl’z father does not like him and wantz them to end their relationship. He knows that the gurl’z father will definitely read diz letter...
1.    “The great love that i have 4 u
2.    is gone n i find my deslike 4 u
3.    growz everday. When i c u
4.   i do not even like your face
5.    the one thing dat i want 2 do is to
6.    look at otherz gurl. I never wanted to
7.    marry u. Our laz conversation
8.    was very boring n has not
9.    made me look foward 2 seeing u again.
10. U think only of yourself
11.  if we were married, i know that i would find
12. my life very difficult n i would have no
13.  pleasure in living wif u. I have a heart,
14. to give but it is not sumting dat
15. i want to give to u. No one is more
16.  foolish n selfish than u, and u are not
17. able to care 4 me and help me.
18. I sincerely want u to understand dat
19. I speak da truth. U will do me a favor
20.   f u think diz is da end. Do not try
21. to answer diz. Your letterz are full of
22. thingz dat do not interezt me. U have no
23. true luv 4 me. Good bye..!! believe me,
24.I do not care about u. Plez do not think dat
25. I’am still ur boyfrenz.”

So bad!! However, before handing da letter to da gurl, the boy told dat to READ BETWEEN DA LINEZ. So, plez read it again... it’z so smart n sweet...(^-^)

Monday, April 11, 2011

sdar x sdar

Kini ku da kat sem 4 da rupe nye...
Skjap sgt la mse niey berlalu.....
Ujung bln april niey aque da stat final examnination yg kali ke-4 bg spnjang aque blaja kat kmpuz penang niey...
Hurm..,actually still trauma lagi..,sbb sem 3 kynn dpt rezart yg truk..,
Ayah kynn marah sgt...,hurm..,xnak da tgk dye marah kynn cmtu lagi..
Tobat da..,kynn nak dye tersnyum bler tgk rezart...
Target mmang kne naekkan jgak pointer....
Klo x..,cnfirm2 sem dpn..,akan ade bodyguard yg akan ikot aque 25jam shari t...
Xpe3...,yg pnting tuh usaha...[^-^]...
Hurm..,klo tnsion2 stdy..,ape lagi..,g ar tgk wyg jap..,then mkn kfc..
Pastu mzty da x tnsion da....huhuhu..,e2 jela perkara yg akan aque buat bler tnsion stdy...,hehehhee...
Style x..???x yah duit byk pon..,dlm lingkungan 50 hengget..,ckup tok lpaz kan tnsion aque...,heheh...